How It Works is the easiest, most economical way for a small business owner or a global entrepreneur to pay Contractors, Freelancers, Virtual Assistants and Outsourced Workers in the Philippines. helps you avoid most hassles and fees routinely associated with international money transfers by paying your outsourcers directly from your bank account.

What's more: With you are able to send money to the Philippines from anywhere in the world -- from any bank in any country using any currency.

And no matter how much money you send all you pay is one flat low fee.

Here's How it Works:
  1. Set up a free on-line account at and link it up to your existing bank account.
  2. Then issue a card to your chosen recipient. (The card is delivered by LBC free of charge to anywhere in the Philippines within 72 hours.)
  3. Now you can simply authorize a money transfer through website -- The money is debited from your bank account and loaded directly onto the recipient's card.
  4. The recipient then can withdraw the money at over 8,000 MegaLink, Bancnet and Expressnet ATM machines in the Philippines.
  5. Next time when you need to pay your employees all you do is login into you online account, select a recipient and transfer the specified amount straight to their card.

How You Benefit offers a number of key advantages over other money transfer services:

For the Sender:

  • It's the easiest way to pay outsourced workers in the Philippines -- No need to go to the bank or carry cash to the traditional money transfer agents. No more waiting in lines. And no forms to fill out.
  • In fact, it cannot be easier than that -- All you do, is issue your recipient a personalized cash card and load the money directly onto the card by drafting it from your regular bank account.
  • It's truly international -- Unlike with other services you don’t need to be present in the U.S. to transfer money to the Philippines. With you are free to send money from anywhere in the world.
  • It's convenient and fast -- No more wondering when your money will arrive: First time transfer may require up to three (3) working days to activate the card. Bank Debits will take 3-5 days to arrive.
  • It's absolutely safe -- Your card holder can spend only the amount of funds you load on the card and not a penny more.
  • It's cheaper than other options -- Most other transfer agents take a percentage of the amount you send and charge a service fee on top. With -- when you draft money directly from your bank account -- all you pay is one flat transfer fee no matter the amount.
  • It saves you money -- flat service fee is lower than most other online transfer services, while the currency exchange rate is higher than even Paypal -- And that means, not only you lose less money during the exchange, your recipients receive more.
  • And this builds better relationships and fosters loyalty -- as your employees are sure to appreciate your honest effort to save them money.
  • is perfect for business use -- You can to issue up to eighteen (18) payment cards at once and handle payroll of an entire team.
  • And it keeps you in full control -- All transfers are tracked and monitored through your online account. Full account history can be downloaded into an Excel file for accurate bookkeeping.

Benefits to the Recipients: card is also the easiest and the cheapest way for the recipients in the Philippines to receive money from you with least hassle:

  • card has no overdraft limit, no overdraft fees, no interest fees, and no minimum balance.
  • card holders are not dependant on transfer agent's opening and closing hours. They don't need to go to the bank and wait in line to receive cash.
  • They don't even need a bank account to be paid -- Money can be withdrawn from over 8,000 Bancnet, Megalink and Expressnet ATM terminals, even during weekends and holidays.
  • They can even shop with the card directly anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
  • And of course, our higher than the average exchange rate almost guarantees they get to keep more money after the exchange.

How Much Does It Cost? is designed to save both you and your recipient money during transfer and currency exchange:

For you:

  • It costs nothing to register with and there are no monthly fees.
  • It costs $3.88 to issue a card to your employee in the Philippines. This is a one time setup fee the bank charges us. The card will be shipped to your recipient at no additional expense to you. and they will be shipped to all your recipients at no additional expense to you.
  • Unlike other transfer agents does not charge you a percentage of the amount you send.
  • When you use to draft money directly from your bank account all you pay is one flat transfer fee of $4.99 -- the lowest international money transfer fee anywhere online.

NOTE: You're not limited to drafting money from the bank account. You can choose to linkup your account to any ATM/Debit Card or even Visa or MasterCard.

However be advised: Our flat low transfer fee is guaranteed only for direct transfers from bank accounts.

For your recipient:

  • It costs nothing to receive the card.
  • It costs nothing to use card as a debit card.
  • And it costs nothing to your recipients to withdraw cash when used at the Banco de Oro (BDO) ATM terminals -- the Philippines leading national bank.

Why It's Safe card is a reloadable MasterCard branded ATM debit card that is safe and convenient. card has established relationships with leading financial institutions to ensure all transactions are transmitted through the ATM network in a safe and reliable environment provided by The Visa Plus Network, Maestro Network, Cirrus, Megalink, BancNet, Expressnet, MasterCard and Visa. is revolutionizing the use of an ATM / Debit Card as the safest and most convenient method of sending money from abroad.

Additional banking relationships with leading financial companies including, HSBC, Citibank, and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Website Security

At, we take your online data security very seriously, and adhere to the financial industry's highest security standards to protect sensitive financial information. uses 128-bit data security encryption, so all information sent between your web browser and our website remains private and secure. servers are protected both physically and electronically. Regular audits of security and privacy policies ensure continued protection of personal data. All employees of pass through a rigorous background check as a condition of employment.

Manage Project Payables Easily

All project payables can be easily tracked and monitored through each specific issued card:

History of all transactions per issued card include, reference coding, transaction dates, fees, exchange rates and total payable amounts, are easily viewed within the recipient's history and can be exported to EXCEL for effective account management.

How To Get Started

It's easy to get started:

  • Click the Sign Up button below and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will register for your free account and link it up with your regular bank account.
  • After quick validation you are ready to transfer money to your recipient.
  • Select the "Issue a Card" link to confirm your recipient's details and the amount of money you plan to load on their card.
  • A ATM/Debit card loaded with the transfer amount will then be made available for delivery to your recipient.
  • The issued card will be delivered by LBC free of charge to anywhere in the Philippines normally within 72 hours.
  • First time transfer may require up to three (3) working days to activate the card. All future money transfers will be generally available within a few hours.
  • Next time when you need to send money or pay your employees in the Philippines all you do is login into you online account, select a recipient and transfer the specified amount to their card directly.

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